Land of the Word

This has been a long time coming,

this deluge, this sea of words—

I was silent for so long, you see,

silent and absent and not feeling

overmuch of anything

til you

this storm has been brewing for years

while I was alone and unloved

and now all has changed

now I am alive and vibrant

and I am home again in this brain cave

I have come home again to the Land of the Word

and it is you who led me here

~Melanie Blackwell

Let the Rain fall Free from Hd Wallpapers Design

Let the Rain fall Free
from Hd Wallpapers Design


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16 responses to “Land of the Word

  1. I lived in a brain cave for a while, but then I added an extension and the back of my head collapsed.

  2. mooggeek

    Good to see you in your brain cave…It is truly your happy place!

  3. “home again in this brain cave” is just great

  4. Stunning work Melanie, powerful words!

  5. Well done! The powerful sweep of emotion is clear and palpable. Great imagery. Thanks for sharing this with the world.

  6. I know what you mean. Very nice post.

  7. So beautiful. A wonderful settling in to yourself. I’m so very, happy for you. A poem of recognition of self and homecoming. Many hugs, Sweet One. And Joy, don’t forget the jOy:)

  8. This is powerful and so well written! Bravo~

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