a coffee catastrophe

I needed coffee and wanted it hot

Grounds in the filter, water in the pot

Pressed the button to start the brewing

Fed the cats to stop their mewling

Bleary eyed and half asleep

I sat on the couch and waited for the beep

Finally, It was ready and so was I

I needed a cup on the fly

I didn’t notice the brown river on the floor

or on the counter and dripping off the cabinet door

i slipped and flat on my back I fell

knocked the wind out of me, bloody hell

to add insult to bruising injury

the cats are drinking the coffee instead of me!


~Melanie Blackwell


Filed under Poetry

16 responses to “a coffee catastrophe

  1. I reread the title after reading the poem, and it made me chuckle. Enjoyed reading this thoroughly from start to end, and then back to start, especially the bit about the cats drinking the coffee. πŸ˜€

    • It really was quite miserable…and follow up story (which I will not be writing a poem about) when I went to clean up afterwards I tripped on the bathroom rug and almost bashed my head on the tub. It just wasn’t my day.

  2. The cats weren’t drinking the coffee. They’d assumed you’d killed yourself when you fell and were just testing to see whether or not you were worth eating.

  3. haha…hope they don’t get too nervous with all the coffee, you know….smiles… that was a fun morning verse

  4. Oh no, and all I did this morning was forget to turn the power switch on the kettle on…. Great poem!

  5. bgbowers

    Ouch! Hope you didn’t hurt yourself, and hope the cats aren’t bouncing off the wall by now…. Enjoyed reading your poetic morning catastrophe πŸ™‚

  6. Keavaa

    Sounds like last Saturday to me. Took a while to work out why there were little brown foot prints everywhere. Cats might not drink coffee but they surely play in the puddle. Cleaning the floor at 5am; not fun. Going to the laundry to get mop and bucket, in PJs with temperatures in the freezing zone; very not fun. Cats watching you with innocent expressions, you just can’t get mad can you.

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