The Princess Bride (Movie Mania Prompt)

Right2Write Prompt 2: Movie Mania from HowAnxious

forgive in advance

this sad, butchered retelling

watch it, I mean it!




farm boy loves beauty

goes off in search of fortune

death most untimely


grieving she enters

unfortunate engagement

to Prince Humperdink


pirates, murder plots

kidnapping  and screaming eel-

infested waters


Andre the Giant

has huge addiction to rhymes

offering peanuts


Dread Pirate Roberts

scales Cliffs of Insanity

chit chat and swordplay


Mandy Patinkin

as Inigo Montoya

is out for revenge


a six-fingered man

must prepare himself to die

for his father’s death


A battle of wits

Sicilian with Iocane



fireswamp dangers

lightning sand and rodents of

unusual size


the Pit of Despair

Rugen’s torture contraption

can’t trump True Love’s Kiss


Watch it or not “As you wish…”


~Melanie Blackwell



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19 responses to “The Princess Bride (Movie Mania Prompt)

  1. Lol such a perfect ending to the poem. Love the movie, love the retelling. 🙂

  2. guess I missed it but Patinkin and Sicilan peak my interest

  3. Love this poem and love The Princess Bride! EVERYONE should be required to watch this movie. Fun fact. . . I work at the University of Kansas, where Mandy Patinkin was a student. 🙂

  4. Never seen it. Now I don’t have to bother.

  5. Ray

    Inconceivable! My favorite movie of all time. A true classic. So many memorable scenes.

  6. i agree with others- what a great way to end! And of course a wow creation.. 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on howanxious and commented:
    Read Melanie’s interpretation of The Princess Bride for the Right2Write Movie Mania Prompt..

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