Your Loss

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
― Anatole France


our furry babies

more family than mere  pets

leave paw prints on hearts

soft furry bodies

wet noses and wet kisses

comfort our spirits

the love that is shared

 true and unconditional


their passing painful

even more than some humans

the void more complete

they live forever

when no longer by our sides

at home in our hearts

~Melanie Blackwell

~a WP friend lost a furry family member.  This is to offer some comfort.


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23 responses to “Your Loss

  1. Keavaa

    A very sweet and lovely gesture.

  2. I love this. So true and the heartache never goes away once they are gone.

  3. I’ve currently got three of them, and it never gets any easier when they go.

  4. bgbowers

    Thank you for that kind and thoughtful gesture, Melanie. The routine is the worst…constantly looking for her where she used to be, going to feed her etc. I feel very sad indeed, so I very much appreciate this beautiful poem. Thank you xoxox

  5. brought me tears remembering my best girl Jessie – lost her last year – 18 years my constant companion

  6. Beautiful and so true. I have lost three amazing pets in my life. They were my babies. I miss them still.

  7. Melanie this is a lovely tribute!

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  9. This is a lovely piece. My pets have always been my sibling or my children. I can still feel the death of my first daughter – her ashes are in a special place, with a lock of her hair. I cannot think of her without tearing up – i am right now. My current daughter is approaching 9 – at the end of the year and I am starting to see the effects of a tripod with arthritic hind legs. I love her – my boys and I love her so much and have made many sacrifices to keep her – but how could we not? she is our little girl and we love her.

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  12. Peter Schreiner

    Timeless, Melanie, and nicely done.

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