He was a thing of beauty that could not be claimed

a phenomenon of passion that could not  be tamed

I don’t kid myself anymore, he was never mine;

lovely illusion

Even as we met I knew it was too good to last;

 forgone conclusion

The brief interlude of happiness would be worth the pain;


~Melanie Blackwell


written for PROMPT 14 “THE MUSIC OF…” from

We had  the following 4 Jeff Buckley songs for inspiration:
Lilac Wine 
Forget Her
So real 
Morning Theft


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27 responses to “Interlude

  1. Gorgeous Melanie the rhythm is divine, I think love is worth risk worth pain too

  2. Self-delusion is sweet when it lasts but can shatter so easily and cut so deep. I am more sensitive to format now with your poetry and even how you italicize certain phrases is meaningful. Love the rhymes and flow of the poem. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous, I am yet to do the prompt, but I am enjoying a lot the entries of everyone.
    I love the way your rhymes are so rhytimcal, it reminds me of singing and swaying.

  4. Beautiful! Jeff Buckley is such inspiring music to listen to while you write.

  5. It is better to have loved and lost…unless it’s chocolate cake.

  6. Beautiful…flow…love…fun…lust…gone. Something to remember. Wonderful poem.

  7. omtatjuan

    Excellent words!

  8. A painful interlude…you have written it so well.

  9. Great rhythm and very well-constructed. Each of the first two lines even have the same number of syllables. When a poet has this kind of sensitivity, her work will possess a musical quality. 🙂

  10. Just beautiful. Simple rhythm, easily spoken to the world and mind; full of recognition of love’s suffering as well as it’s pleasure. Ace work.

  11. steamy! Wow sometimes the heartache is worth the moment of experience I think.

  12. There is a certain rhythm to your words.. it is lovely to read it out loud.

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