28 responses to “Childhood Dreams

  1. I never dreamed of being a princess either in fact I don’t remember ever pretending to be one even I was kind of a tomboy. My daughter is very girly so she is always pretending to be a princess and its adorable because she loves wearing the cute dresses I would never wear, as a mother now I see why mom wanted me to the wear them because it is adorable! I was a smurf not an intentional smurf but my mom got it in her head that I liked blue so she dressed me in blue my pants, shirts, jackets, and yes even my shoes were blue!!! I remember I asked her once for pink shoes just to mix it up and she looked at me like I’d grown a third head and bought me blue moccasin again (I also only wore moccasins I have no idea why because they were not warm in winter, couldn’t be worn with socks even and they were so soft and thin I could feel everything it was like having slippers on). This is so cute Melanie I think a lot of people wanted to have a big happy family if their own childhood was tough. I know I sometimes wished I had a more loving functional family. I used to watch this show too =)

  2. I’m totally with both you and mindlovemisery about not dreaming of being a princess as a child. I did, however, dream of being Garfield. The Cosby Show is definitely one of my all-time favorite shows. I love the direction you took with the prompt. It was a great read! 🙂

  3. I dreamed of being Dr Who myself. And still do.

  4. So cool!!!! Fabulous dream!!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. reminds me of my daughters

  6. Who would not want to be a Huxtable – the perfect life:)

    (I wanted to be a prima ballerina)

  7. Not a princess. No. Not even a little bit. Not enough places to carry weapons in those puffy dresses and too hard to run and climb. I liked my family…they were imperfect, being human and all, but they hardly ever bothered me and being an only child I could kind of disappear. The Huxtable family was too close and clingy for me. I stayed away from everyone, except for my grandmother, who I adored, and I continued to stay away from them for my entire life. I always dreamed of being raised by wolves. I do, however, see the inherent problems with that, but I like animals better than most people so I’m sure we could have worked something out. My wolf parents would have been brilliant and would have taught me language skills, reading writing and howling. They would have played musical instruments and been heavily committed to the arts. They would have been lovely parents, I’m sure.

  8. In longing for those things beyond our reach, sometimes, we reach all the higher! Excellent writing!

  9. I dreamed to have Doraemon as a friend when I was a child, so I could have anything I wanted to and I would know no boredom. It’s funny how our minds were like when we were children.

  10. I dreamed of being in the Brady bunch family.

  11. ga batty

    I guess I had it to good…I never wanted to anyone else or be in any other family. No, it wasn’t a rich family…but I grew up way before the families on television became popular.
    Love the way you started and I was a great fan of “The Huxtables”
    thanks fro bring back some fond memories

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