as a child she was called an


she was shunned by all her

blood relations

treated like some sort of

vile mutation

yet that didn’t stop

incestuous molestation

she endured years of abuse

without deviation


child grew to teen yet no help came for

the duration

so she had no real hope left of white knight style


she became increasingly aware of even strangers


she began to exist in a state of


a self-imposed

mental stagnation


for her family there was no


she even tried to slough them off through


hoping for loofah induced


only red raw skin resulted

not purification


while once again suffering under

grotesque gyrations

she came to startling


there was only one way to

ensure cessation

she planned a different sort of


how many years would she serve for each


~Melanie Blackwell

*disclaimer no one was castrated (whether deserving or not) for the creation of this poem.


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29 responses to “Aberration

  1. Definitely DESERVING and you can imagine what would happen to the bits that were cut off. I would celebrate your decision to cut with a statue in your honor, just smaller than Liberty herself. People would visit, have lunch and discuss the way you helped womankind. You would be a hero, never to be forgotten. Mentally doing it is just as good so you are a hero and your fans can decide to do with his bits at their leisure. XXOO

  2. Fitting punishment indeed, but still too genteel for the crimes committed to an innocent child. Heart-wrenching poem that makes me wish castration could happen before the act instead of after. The rhymes and flow were impeccable.

  3. This poem was so painful but so very perfect. I agree, the rhyme and flow were such that they built upon each other…I could not turn away, and my heart raced both with anger and just being engrossed in every line.

    Very well done….I ache that this work was in you. You are a gift…please know that.

  4. As life can be! From your heart!

  5. unbearable to read – I would have eagerly played white knight – and executioner

  6. Incredibly powerful to the point that sometimes I had to look away. The word use and images clearly articulated the pain and suffering to such a degree that it was dripping from my screen. Very well written – I do hope you or anyone you know did not have to suffer the excruciating agony dictated in this poem.

    • Wow…what a comment…dripping from your screen. I’m glad my words had so much power to resonate with you. Thank you.

      And unfortunately yes this is based on a true story as they say… only the castration was fictional. Some of my writing is purely fictional but much is based on truth.

      Rest easy though for I’m fine now 🙂

  7. mrock

    You penned words from the hearts of everyone who has been there. My heart and world stopped reading this. I cannot write of painful memories or I would be consumed by them, but I’m so glad you have given a voice to everyone the strong would silence.

    • Thak you so much for your heartfelt comment. I understand how these things can consume yet I write it to give others voice as you say and as a form of therapy 🙂
      AND if I can raise a little awareness even better.

      • mrock

        I think what you’re doing is wonderful. Writing is my catharsis, but there are some areas that I fully explored in the past, was able to put to rest, and am not well-served to revisit. I don’t live in denial; for me, that is simply something I must relegate to my past or I would not be able to be fully present in the present.

        In that way, what you write is even more powerful because while you may be writing for yourself, from your heart, you are also penning the words people like me would write if it were possible to speak of those things without completely losing today.

        Thank you.

  8. Ouch. Painful, yet poignant. Well done.

  9. This thing happens a lot in my country at the moment and seems unstoppable. Almost every time I read or watch the news, I find this happen again. This is a great poem. I feel the pain, suffering, and emotion. Very well done.

  10. laurie27wsmith

    An excellent rendition of your experiences Melanie, very powerful.

  11. bgbowers

    In addition to being a poignant, well-crafted poem, it’s the overall sense of silent suffering that really strikes me. Only a victim of abuse (be it verbal, physical or sexual) understands that it is the excruciating silence and isolation, that comes with having no defence or protection against the perpetrator, that really destroys the soul and damages the individual.
    Each stanza layers the tension, that comes with years of suffering in silence, and escorts the reader through the different levels of awareness that come with age, and culminates in the final stanza where the adult finally has the chance, be it fantasy or reality, to gain back some of the power that was stripped from them as a child and teen.

    I think that I’ve said this before on one of your other ‘childhood’ poems, but these types of stories really bring out the vigilante in me. Any cruelty to children is abhorrent and people who perpetrate crimes against children should have zero tolerance. There should be no place in our society for such people. They are a cancer that should be aggressively cut out.

    The thing that really bugs me is the whole ‘victim’ mentality that society has cultivated…you know, that perpetrators are victims themselves…well, that may be the case, but what kind of person continues this cycle of abuse when they themselves have suffered it previously? I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that there’s any excuse. The whole affair makes me ache inside.

    Personally, I would gather up all of these reprehensible creatures and dump them on an Island together and obliterate them. They have no place in society.

    Saying sorry will never be enough for those who have suffered such violence, but I really am sorry that you’ve had to suffer through this. One day I will meet you for a coffee and give you the biggest bear hug…and in that hug will be years of love that the universe owes you.

    Sorry, this has become an essay. xoxo

    • Thak you, you know your opinion is much respected as I highly admire your work.
      AND Thank you so much for your words, I feel your love through them. Never apologize for length…I appreciate every word.

      I hope to one day really have that coffee and hug 🙂 as well as endless hours of conversation!

  12. Miranda Stone

    Such an incredibly powerful poem, Melanie. My heart goes out to you.

  13. the sense of otherness and total isloation was all too painful to read, to remember, but i read it anyway because i believe it’s essential that we honor one another’s truth.

    sister, your brother stands with you.
    love and hugs to you Melanie.

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