meandering memories mesmerize my mind

forgetting, fabricating favorable falsities 

painting palpable pictures

 lacking lucidity

~Melanie Blackwell


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16 responses to “memories

  1. nokindofmagic

    Ah, alliteration. Almost absent art.

  2. I love Dali and since I live in St. Petersburg I’m lucky 🙂 I’ve been a few times. Out of towm guest give me an excuse to go again!

    • I was there last year and I loved St-Pete! 🙂 If you like Dali, you’ll have to visit THE Dali museum in Figueras, Spain, less than 3h-drive from my city Toulouse, France… Good luck in all your endeavours & have a great weekend! Friendly thoughts, Mélanie B

  3. Wonderful. Really wonderful

  4. Heartafire

    like this very much!

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