that day in May

yellow roses

I saw him sleeping in my dream

that day in May, that day in May

I saw him sleeping in my dream

that day in May, so many years ago

So peaceful, he did seem

that day in May, that day in May

So peaceful, he did seem

that day in May, surrounded in yellow

We went to see what was happening

that day in May, that day in May

we found that he was not napping

that day in May, his name I did bellow

From his coma he did not wake

that day in May, that day in May

a drunken driver, his life did take

that dark day in May, full of sorrow

~Melanie Blackwell

When I was in junior high school I woke up one morning remembering a very vivid dream about a close friend of mine.  I could still clearly see him sleeping peacefully in a room that was not his own….there were yellow flowers all around the room as well as various teddy bears.  I thought the dream was odd but shook it off and started getting ready for the day ahead.  The phone rang before I even left for school that day and we learned that my friend had been playing football with a friend in his front yard the evening before when a drunk driver veered off the road into the yard and ran over him.  We went to the hospital to see him.  He was in a coma and his hospital room was exactly as I had dreamt it….

He never woke. I’ll never forget.


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16 responses to “that day in May

  1. As this strange as it sounds I can relate to your story, though I didn’t suffer such a heart-breaking personal loss. I dreamed that a boy in my class lost his father in a drunk-driving accident and the next day he didn’t show for school. When he did return he told us what happened and that’s what had happened.

  2. So, so sad. Dreams can be strange and terribly disturbing. I have had a few of the foreshadowing type. Fortunately, I do not really remember dreams anymore.

  3. You don’t ever forget things like that. Very sad. And what happened to the driver? Nothing. Things don’t make sense and never will. Do you pick up on things like that a lot?

  4. I had to come to your web site because I don’t always get your work and I don’t know why.

  5. omtatjuan

    Beautiful!! Always nice words:)

  6. bgbowers

    You never forget intuitive experiences like that. I’ve had a few myself. It’s good that you don’t forget, and it’s good that you’re a writer who can share those stories with others. xx

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