child prostitute

Caged Butterfly from Deviant Art

Caged Butterfly from Deviant Art




and sold

a child

left sullied

and shamed


the trade

’cause it is all

that they know

think it is all

they are good for..

are they really to blame?

then THEY are arrested

and charged as criminals?!


do we





do the headlines say

“Child Prostitue”

like it was their choice?


~Melanie Blackwell


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14 responses to “child prostitute

  1. It’s easier to blame the victim than to talk about the customers, the rapists and the people who sold the child in the beginning. If you actually got to the core of the problem then something would have to be done about the horror of it all and men would be up on charges and put into jail or blamed, or damaged. It’s easier to blame the child and/or the victim, that way only one person takes the fall and the USERS are allowed to USE again and again and again and again in heir never-ending hunger for more.

    Powerful Melanie. Should be on the cover of EVERY magazine.

  2. nokindofmagic

    I must say that recently the amount many forms of aggression I am forced to experience one way or another has literally overwhelmed me, left me in a weird, ‘catatonic’ state. I don’t know whether it’s me being oversensitive or we are struggling with a growing snowball of violence. Melanie, very good point about the term ‘child prostitute’, I don’t think we need this kind of corectness when facing the problem of sex slavery. What is the next step? Absolutely cruel, stigmatising comments some people make when a woman is raped? That she provoked it, she dressed like a slut? That just makes me sick. Not so long ago I’ve read a story about a woman attacked and raped while jogging. What have I found in the comments section? ‘How dumb she was tu run alone in the woods!’. I need a spaceship ready to take off immediately…

  3. laurie27wsmith

    Yes it’s something you don’t decide to do as a child.

  4. This is beautifully written. Sadly, child prostitution is so damn rampant across the world, as is child pornography

  5. bgbowers

    Powerful poem, Melanie, and a darn good question. It’s diabolical.

  6. powerful and emotional, Mélanie… my words: all the adults who sexually exploit kids(minors) and/or other adults should rot in jails…

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