I did not carry you in my womb

nay, you are not from me

yet you are of me

let my love be mother’s milk to you

take the offered nourishment

and as it strenghtens you

it strengthens me

love and acceptance


~Melanie Blackwell






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13 responses to “always

  1. deepbluesandseafoamgreens

    Beautiful poem 🙂

  2. ME

    The cost of my love

    The ounce of pain I cause does not seem worth the pound of joy I bring

    What pleasure can be found in the pain of my love

    What love can be sustained with the pain I bring

    I fall far short of the love you give

    Free though it may be, It cost you most dearly

    Forgive my failing,

    I beg thee


  3. nokindofmagic

    Love and acceptance…when did we start making them so difficult? How easily we get carried away and let them shatter at our own doorsteps?
    And I have to say that probably nothing moves me more than (re)discovered love.

  4. laurie27wsmith


  5. yeseventhistoowillpass

    It’s always about love and acceptance!

  6. I can relate to these words very well.
    I have a bonus daughter myself.
    “always about love and acceptance.”
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. A beautiful supportive blog. Congratulations! Hugs, Barbara

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