Love doesn’t look like THIS…this is what HATE looks like

Does this painting reach in and pull out your heart? Perhaps you know someone who has looked like this? Perhaps it has even been you…
IF you think no one you know has been or is being beaten you are deluding yourself. Some of us just hide it well.

It is not ok, it is never ok and no one deserves to be a punching bag.

If anyone lays a hand on you in violence please know:
1- Contrary to what they may say it is not because they love you sooo much
2- You didn’t MAKE them do it
3- They will do it again

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6 responses to “Love doesn’t look like THIS…this is what HATE looks like

  1. Your words are wonderful. They say exactly what needs to be said!

  2. Soughik Kayzakian

    Many acts disguised under the words of love create the photographs of hate, once it is all said and done. One photograph is too many. However, more tragic is the fact that the image is a symbol of epidemic of hate inflicted upon women and children globally. Just because it is an epidemic, does not minimize the pain and suffering of one. The more the reason to sensitize the world, men, women, teenagers and children to the meaning of real love, acts of love and kindness, and artistic creations of unity and peace.

  3. richardlwiseman

    It seems to me that abuse of all kinds is passed on from generation to generation and what we need is a more caring society, a society focused on people not profit. When people are abusively violent towards those they are in relationships with it is most common that the abuser is ‘damaged’ – stopping all kinds of ‘damage’ to humans right from the start will stem the flow of violence. We obviously need to be organized firstly to support the victims of domestic violence. It’s a very powerful picture. It says a great deal.

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