I don’t have anything  to say

Please don’t interpret my silence

as indifference


there is nothing I want to “say out loud”

Please don’t interpret my silence

as coldness

if my words will just bring pain, isn’t it better to ignore?



I feel like I’ve said all that I can say

hasn’t it all been said before?


in striving for balance

in bridging the distance

we must rely

on silence

~Melanie Thomason






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14 responses to “Silence

  1. Gee I know someone I could send this too and remain silent! Still I don’t think they would get it! 😛 This is wonderful!

  2. Reblogged this on Tell Me About It! and commented:
    I love this poem so much I’ve read it at least 6 times. I really want to say this to some people in my life! 😀 I love this!

    • Thank you so much. I’m so glad you really enjoyed this poem. Thank you for your kind words and the reblog 🙂

      • I wanted to remember it so I don’t forget plus I’m adding it to my private journal. I’m working through some issues as you can see but one of them is my silence! Thank you! I was in shock in a good way. I think I might get brave and blow it up and put it on my office wall! 😀

  3. Fantastic poem Melanie. So very true and meaningful. “I feel like I’ve said all that I can say…” how many times haven’t we all thought THAT! Fabulous.

  4. nokindofmagic

    “and sometimes, I said sometimes I hear my voice and it’s been here, silent all these years”.

  5. Beautiful expression. Very True and meaningful.

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