but they love each other- a series of haiku

A series of haiku that I wrote for Artists4Peace.  This month’s topic was Breaking the Cycles of Abuse


she is wearing a

turtleneck in the summer

to hide fresh bruises

fingerprint necklace

one of many abuses

that she covers up

she can’t tell her friends

not that she has many left

he made sure of that

she doesn’t know why

she keeps making him so mad

she must do better

if he is so bad

why doesn’t she leave, you ask

you don’t understand

he loves her so much

he feels terrible after

says it’s the last time

and she loves him too

so she lives this way

in spite of herself

Melanie Thomason



Source: but they love each other- a series of haiku


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7 responses to “but they love each other- a series of haiku

  1. This is sad. Hope she comes to her senses. Life is too short when you have choices.

  2. Sometimes people can’t see any choices. Sometimes they are kept penniless and without recourse or resources. Sometimes they are so beaten down, they believe they are worthless and deserve what happens to them. If it were easy for women to leave, more would do it. It’s a complicated thing and each case is different. Our culture teaches women that they aren’t as important as men and they are lucky to have one. Many women have no money and no support. Education levels vary. All of this is done on purpose and the abuse of women is part of the accepted belief system that is bound to the patriarchal status quo and the establishment.

  3. A sad cycle that is too often repeated. You have captured it effectively.

  4. So very sad. And – even more sad when the mad cycle continues…

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