oooh, scary

‘morrow is all hallows eve

some people wait with dread

but I wait with joy and glee

my heart beats up tempo


children to their mothers cleave

while scary tales are read

and monster’s eyes glow from the trees

lurking outside their windows


black cats rustle in  dry leaves

and graves release their dead

while witches go on flying sprees

an aeriatic limbo

I’m not scared,  I’m not naive

I know what lies ahead

Today’s the one that frightens me

cause i’m now the big 4-0!

~Melanie Thomason

*Just having fun…40 doesn’t scare me!  Bring it on 😀




Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “oooh, scary

  1. LOLOL Glad you’re not scared. Love the poem and the surprise ending:) Happy birthday!!!!

  2. Girl friend Welcome to your 40s they are the most wonderful times of your life! I think I thought all of a sudden wisdom would come and overtake me. It did in little spurts. Happy Day after your birth! Today you can celebrate the 1 day of your life on this earth! I’ll celebrate with you and Gigi!

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