pedaling poet

I was just outside

pondering my inability

to produce any post-worthy poetry

when a drunken poet

rode by on a bicycle

performing spoken word


for the neighborhood

I only caught part of it

as he pedaled past

in the dark

but I’m sure it was beautiful

and profound…

“…camero burning rubber

Danny Glover

got to wear a rubber…” —Β the Pedaling Poet


You have to admire his confidence to share his words with anyone who was listening. Β Got me to thinking that I should just post something whether I think it is “post-worthy” or not.


~Melanie Thomason


Filed under Poetry, Random Brain Babble

6 responses to “pedaling poet

  1. I think that one counts. ❀

  2. Soughik Kayzakian

    Who determines what is “post worthy”, and what is not? Isn’t one of the undefined meanings of poetry “words released from the depths of one’s well to be received by the unsuspecting heart of another”? Sort of an enchanted mystery that stirs hearts gaze at the soft landing of blue feathers at your feet………..

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