a band of gold around your finger

shouldn’t feel like bracelets made of steel

you should feel his arm around your shoulders

not his hands around your throat

that is not love



Filed under micropoetry

11 responses to “circles

  1. Thanks Melanie, I did like this and in my humble opinion it fits the prompt well. I know that feeling of marriage feeling like a confinement….the words bracelets sums it up so well.
    Thanks too for stopping by my blog today…

  2. A powerful piece made stronger by its brevity.

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  4. Hmmm…. Much said, in a few words

  5. Nicely expressed and yes, love is open and gentle not like a vise or grip on your heart. Melanie, thanks for this reminder. Perfect for the US and the way our news on inappropriate behavior of someone famous. It is important to be focusing in on personal rights.

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