Anniversary Gift

seafoam green

with an excited gleam in his eyes

he hands her a package

silently she opens to find

a fantasy of silk and lace

sea-foam green and barely there

he directs her to undress and put it on

wordlessly she complies

he observes as silk slides across young, pert flesh

he commands her to model it for him

to move with the music

she complies as he watches with hungry eyes

brusquely he pulls it off and tosses it carelessly to the floor

Β pushing her roughly to the bed

he can’t be bothered with undressing

he just takes what he wants from behind

when he is done he notices the delicate green silk crumpled under his boot

he tosses it to her and says

“Wash that and re-wrap it before your mom gets home.”


~Melanie Thomason

a reblog, this poem is in my 2nd book of poetry.

Moonpies & Naugahyde

which is available in full color, black and white or on Kindle.


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14 responses to “Anniversary Gift

  1. This takes an unexpected turn, and none too pleasant either – very well written.

  2. I wish he would get sent to prison and meet fifty guys named Bubba who hate guys like him. Or maybe he’s dead. I’d rather have him in prison. Anyway, I’m so happy to see your book and wonderful poems. ❀

  3. Pingback: This is a poem from Melanie’s book. Check it out. She can be found at: Wordiful | Rethinking Life

  4. Interesting Provocative. Erotic

  5. So naughty. So delightfully arousing

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