Blue Period ~NaPoWriMo Day20

Art work by the talented and fabulous Gigi of Rethinking Life.

His fist paint the canvas of her skin in shades of black and blue and purple

The yellows and greens of his past works add contrast and texture

She is living on borrowed time;

by all rights, he could have killed her a thousand times over by now

Her self-esteem and self-worth is threadbare,

she is held together by stitches:

the good moments, the sweet words, apologies and promises,  

and the laughter they had shared…

She allowed the good, albeit rare, to outweigh the bad;

let them blind her to the reality of his lack of humanity

Her loneliness, her silence, her worries, excuses and justifications

play as a symphony of sorrow

They are both artists in their own right,

but which of them will survive this ‘blue period’?

~Melanie Thomason




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13 responses to “Blue Period ~NaPoWriMo Day20

  1. Powerful poem. Truthful and sad. Great work. Thank you for the picture. ❤

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  3. It’s so easy to get trapped in an abusive relationship like so described, and sometimes, it takes us forever, to finally, figure it out, and then, it takes , even longer, to, get ourselves, out of the vicious cycle we are, trapped, in…

  4. Oh my, a haunting piece and realistic at once. Sigh, its sad how sometimes the line between love and madness blurs.

  5. Always timely words and the art is amazing 🌷

  6. Neither will survive to any quality of life.
    She may end up dead, he in jail….. hopefully on death row.
    Maybe she will kill him.
    The most positive outcome is that she comes to her senses, leaves him, joins a support group and ends up supporting other victims.
    GREAT WRITE, Melanie!!
    Gi’s art is perfect for this!

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