Dirty Windows

Dirty windows  hide a multitude of sins

so they keep them dirty so no one can see within


Problem is we are starting to wipe away the grime

and the whole world is witnessing their crimes


Wearing a badge doesn’t place you above the law

For many, George Floyd was the final straw


There are good police who do actually “protect and serve”

and those who don’t should get what they deserve




~Melanie Thomason



Glad to see that all 4 officers involved have been charged. Hopefully they will not be sentenced lightly.


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8 responses to “Dirty Windows

  1. These police officers believe that they are the law, that they are, above it, but they are not, and I hope, none of them gets s slap on the wrist.

  2. Excellent poem and they should be charged to the max for murdering a man in cold blood.

  3. Well said Melanie, these are very troubling times, thanks for sharing your thoughts this week.

  4. I do agree with that… There are those who shouldn’t be allowed to carry a badge or a gun – if they can’t be civil.

    However riots and ill behavior like looting are not the answer either.

  5. I like that you think on both sides of the window. Crime happens on both sides.
    Neat poem!

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