Finger paints? (a tiny short story)

Photo by Giovanni Calia on


Everyone is a critic!  I mean I get it… not everyone digs my black and white photography but it really did work for this picture in particular.  Such a gloomy day with a matching gloomy mood.  For YOU to just deface it in this way is unacceptable!  What are you 5?


~Melanie Thomason




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9 responses to “Finger paints? (a tiny short story)

  1. Wow, blew me away. I love this and I have to think about it for awhile.

  2. Sometimes, when someone destroy someone else’s work, it’s not about the person whose work had been, destroyed, but about the person who’d destroyed someone else’s work, and i find it easier, to not take it personally when something like that happens to me in life…

  3. You still are being nice to the mean one ;/

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