Nightmare- a very short story

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I keep having the same nightmare. Well really variations on a theme.  I’m lost/ searching for something/ trying to help someone.  But I am always in this same apartment complex.  Hundreds of apartments, dozens of floors!  My time is limited and there is no working elevator.  The apartments aren’t even clearly numbered. It is an exhausting, frustrating dream.  I never do find my way or what or who I’m looking for.  Someone, please, wake me up!



~Melanie Thomason



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11 responses to “Nightmare- a very short story

  1. Dig deeper into, your psyche, and, you will, find exactly what you are, trying to find…

  2. Oh, what an image…love it…scary.

  3. I dislike nightmares too. I think we’re having more of them this year than ‘normal’!

  4. This is really interesting, I like the style.

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