You really aren’t as clever as you think

Or maybe you just underestimate me

I did indeed read between the lines

Your message not so hidden after all

Or maybe that was the point

If so, why did you need me to know?

If not to relay your message to its intended recipient

Do you think it paints you in a better light than had you communicated it yourself?

Or maybe, just maybe you didn’t expect me to see the deeper meaning behind it all

Be careful now. . . your slip is showing

TANGOTI Ep 4 - How Black women tried to save Twitter — There Are No Girls  On The Internet

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “Subtext

  1. Great poem. You slide into things so beautifully.

  2. lol…I like the transition and while reading I could not sense where this was leading, so I had to continue to read. this was really an enjoyable read. Thanks

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