A short story…

How crazy is this?!!! Gigi and I wrote basically the same thing. She did it better of course but still so weird!

Rethinking Life

green pine trees on brown rock formation during daytimeshe sat in the mist
listening to the roar
of the water
feeling the spray
on her face
she closed her eyes
inhaled deeply
and became part of the forest
part of the river
the trees whispered to her
and to each other
she felt as if she had been
transported to another world
one that was peaceful
wildly intelligent
the whole earth
sang to her
telling her secrets
giving her answers
she thanked them
from the bottom of her heart
but she jumped anyway

Photo:  Cameron Gibson

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2 responses to “A short story…

  1. I didn’t do it better. You’re being silly. But it is amazing that we both wrote the same story. How weird and cool is that?

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