creatures such as we

Another murdered midnight

under a starless sky

The words between us hang heavy

like the weight of the secrets we keep

Love is a cruel deception

for creatures such as we,

living in perpetual drought

If I could only tell you the toll it takes

being one of your lost causes

I hate it, though neither of us is innocent

The truth echoes among us

When I close my eyes the red rope tightens

I think of all the things we do in the dark

the silence sings as the rain starts

~Melanie Thomason



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14 responses to “creatures such as we

  1. OMG Melanie. Incredible poem. I’m with Cindy…it’s brilliant.

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  3. Brutally beautiful! Thank you, Melanie!

  4. Oh wow. That is, as Resa said, beautifully brutal. I came here thanks to Rethinking Life…

  5. Sally Mortemore

    I love the journey in your poem and the sound of the rain falling with thoughts, and emotions. Thank you. Stunning.

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