if good is white

and honest

and pure

and black is bad

and false

and evil

what color is malevolence?

what color ambiguance?


Melanie Thomason


Filed under Random Brain Babble

3 responses to “colors

  1. the system of noting if someone’s good or bad based off of the various shades is, too simplistic, because there are always, more sides of the story to consider, and, by this system of understanding the world, we will, miss out on a lot of the vital facts, and make the wrong judgments on things.

  2. Great question, to which there is no answer other than to say that our judgments are clouded by external forces.

  3. Look at our government and you’ll see how good white is. Malevolence is the color of money, greed, government and power mongers. Ambiguity is the color of people who close their eyes to what’s going on around them in the world and do absolutely nothing at all to make a difference. Love the poem.

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