words fell


At first the words fell from her lips

as nearly imperceptible drops,

as if from a falsely rumored rain

Then a quickening pitter-patter as rain did indeed pierce the clouds

and words formed sentences,

formed paragraphs,

formed poetry and prose

She continued unfolding her story aloud,

as she could no longer choke back the words

In a voice unrecognizable from lack of use

they poured out

as did the tears streaming down her face

till the words, rain, tears became indistinguishable

and the deluge was permissible

as only the trees bore witness

~Melanie Thomason


Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “words fell

  1. This is a beautifully written slice of melancholic introspection – and how we weep for our true voices to be heard. A very moving poem, Melanie.

  2. Melanie…never, ever, doubt what you are…a POET through and through. This is wonderful, difficult to take. A poem of release, growth and awakening.

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