Read the opening 4 lines, and it will be impossible not to continue! A fantastic, evocative poem from Chris Nelson


I hung my face

On the hook

On the back

Of the door

Unsure as to when

Or how

Or why

I would return,

And took another from the shelf

That was laden like the willow

Before the autumn knocked upon its frame

And sent its cold reverberations

Shivering like the future’s ghost

Through its aching spine,

And pulled it on as if to say

A new dawn had begun

With new words to be said

And fresh eyes to be shown

All the things that had been seen

A thousand times before,

I took my face

And wore it well

And fooled the crowd

That huddled round

With nothing else to do

But hope,

And when at last

Even the sun grew tired

Or bored

I hung my face up once more

Upon the hook

On the back

Of the door.

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