Nobody Reads

Enjoy this poem from Chris Nelson, it really resonated with me.


Nobody really reads


And I sit here with my pen

And page

Quartz-white and aching

With the longing to be heard

With the longing for the scratches

Of life and love and pain

To leave their trail

Like the snails who emerge

To the freshness of the rain

With a purpose and a will

On the fences and the leaves

On the skin of another.

Nobody really reads


Eyes scan screens and pages


As if expecting something more

To leap out from the words

To seep from the page

And settle beneath the skin

Like a message or a meaning

Or something better to take

The time away

A quiet infection of purpose

Or entertainment or something

Something other than this.

Nobody really reads


As a colourless wash paints over

It’s grey

Face recycled with the same words

That we heard before

That we heard tomorrow

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6 responses to “Nobody Reads

  1. Nan

    Just a personal opinion, Melanie … but I really liked this until it became too long. I think the writer could have ended it much sooner and it would have had a stronger impact. But again … just my opinion.

    • We are all entitled to our opinion for sure. I think a lot of it comes down to timing and circumstance… and mood. Sometimes I like things short and sweet and other times i have the attention span to dive deeper if that makes sense.

      Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

  2. We read. Oh, yeah…ALL the time.

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