I gave birth today

Not from my barren womb,

but from my heart strong and my soul true

My fingertips gripped the pencil, poised over unlined paper

I had to press down hard to deliver my racing thoughts

and tore a hole right through the middle of the page

But on I wrote


When I went to read my creation

I found the letters had shifted into unrecognizable garble

I jiggled the paper to reorganize my reflections

Still the patterns seem to spell no word

Had I been fleeced of original thought?

I shook and waved the crumpled paper more and to my horror

I saw that I was continuously dropping syllables


At this rate my poem was sure to perish

as surely as apples that wilt and wither with blight

And so now Iโ€™ve had to adopt some sort of ad-lib

Some off the cuff step-child and pass it off as art

~Melanie Thomason



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13 responses to “Birth

  1. I enjoy this process of creation! It is reflective of the writing journey and the steps we take to become whole.

  2. Nan

    A very “poetic” description of writing — whether it be poetry or prose. Good job, Melanie!

  3. It’s all about the process – great poem.

  4. I really love this. So much fun. It’s just reat.

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  6. “dropping syllables”…. shame, Lol!
    This is fun, Melanie. Thank you!

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