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Read the opening 4 lines, and it will be impossible not to continue! A fantastic, evocative poem from Chris Nelson


I hung my face

On the hook

On the back

Of the door

Unsure as to when

Or how

Or why

I would return,

And took another from the shelf

That was laden like the willow

Before the autumn knocked upon its frame

And sent its cold reverberations

Shivering like the future’s ghost

Through its aching spine,

And pulled it on as if to say

A new dawn had begun

With new words to be said

And fresh eyes to be shown

All the things that had been seen

A thousand times before,

I took my face

And wore it well

And fooled the crowd

That huddled round

With nothing else to do

But hope,

And when at last

Even the sun grew tired

Or bored

I hung my face up once more

Upon the hook

On the back

Of the door.

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Nobody Reads

Enjoy this poem from Chris Nelson, it really resonated with me.


Nobody really reads


And I sit here with my pen

And page

Quartz-white and aching

With the longing to be heard

With the longing for the scratches

Of life and love and pain

To leave their trail

Like the snails who emerge

To the freshness of the rain

With a purpose and a will

On the fences and the leaves

On the skin of another.

Nobody really reads


Eyes scan screens and pages


As if expecting something more

To leap out from the words

To seep from the page

And settle beneath the skin

Like a message or a meaning

Or something better to take

The time away

A quiet infection of purpose

Or entertainment or something

Something other than this.

Nobody really reads


As a colourless wash paints over

It’s grey

Face recycled with the same words

That we heard before

That we heard tomorrow

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A Winged Bird

A beautiful, wistful poem i just had to share


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Kate…A Story poem…

A beautiful ode to the Moon from Gigi ❤

Rethinking Life

Fantasy Microphone Singer - Free image on Pixabay

was born outside
on a clear night
under a crescent Moon

the first thing she saw
through her blurry vision
was that beautiful sliver
of white
hanging in the sky above her

she cooed
at it
and kicked her feet

opening and closing
her tiny new fingers
she reached out
toward the Moon
and the
took notice

the Moon looked
and saw a new daughter
one of Her very own
so She placed
a crescent birthmark
on her wee right arm

with the Moon
sang to Her
every night

she sang about
the Moon’s beauty
she sang about
Her kindness
and when Katie closed her eyes
the only thing she ever saw
was that beautiful crescent Moon
smiling down at her

so if you hear someone singing
about the wonders
of the Moon
and the night sky
it’s probably one of Katie’s songs



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VOTE…a story poem

Truth from Gigi

Rethinking Life


their hair pulled
force fed
their medication withheld
handcuffed to the bars
of their damp moldy cells
women fought
for the right to vote
the only way to properly
is to
do it


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America…best read out loud and fast SLAM IT

Please read this fabulous, powerful poem from Gigi! Read it fast aloud and you will have no choice but to read it LOUD!

Rethinking Life

it’s one more lie
that the meek will
inherit anything at all
it’s a false promise
to keep people quiet
hoping for a payoff
at the end
because that’s what
RELIGION is all about
payoffs at the end
promises that have no
basis in reality
just a way to control you
while you’re alive
while the country burns
they want you to sit back
and watch the flames
get on your knees
think happy thoughts
while people scream
and die in the streets
beg for food
and shelter
the priests rape
counting their gold
and the government
gets rich on the poverty
of others
and the dead bodies of our children
who die in foreign lands
as the meek wait for their
a reward for doing nothing
for obeying
for being quiet
for bowing down to the status quo
for keeping their words
INSIDE their throats
for not…

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I AM A Child by Ray Laskowitz

A fabulous post by Ray Laskowitz. The brighter side of the Covid isolation.


Child 1 A child’s view.

Sometimes a walk is just the thing that you need.

Children need more than that. They need to be outdoors. They need fresh air. They need to play. They need to learn.

We are locked down. Most people thought they would live, work and play in the digital world. Sure, that’s occured. The use of Zoom shows us that potential. But, people have returned to old school pleasures. People are playing board games. They are actually talking to each other rather than looking at an itty bitty screen.

And, Children. When they are outside and keeping their distance, they are playing games with which I grew up. A big one is hopscotch. I’ve seen pictures of this around my social media feeds. I hadn’t come across one in real life. Until I did.

If this is part of the future — the better future — I’m good…

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summer love~haiku

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay

sunshine, salty breeze

siren song beseeching me-

paradise awaits

troubles melt away

scrunching sand under bare feet-

ocean waves hello

beauty surrounds me

swimming into the sunset-

please don’t follow me

Melanie Thomason





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