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Read in Bed

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“We read in bed because reading is halfway between life and dreaming, our own consciousness in someone else’s mind.”

Anna Quindlen


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Quote-Jorge Luis Borges

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July 5, 2019 · 3:47 PM


Yes…I’m promoting my book.

No…I don’t mind if you promote it too! 😉

Go ahead and blog about it, tweet it and share it on facebook 🙂

You could even read it and write a review if you’re game 😀


My second collection of poetry, Moonpies & Naugahyde: A Childhood Survived,  is available on Amazon. Fabulous watercolor paintings by Georgiann Carlson accompany my poems throughout, creating a book I am extremely proud of!

M&N Announcement


3 options available now on Amazon:

1-Full Color Edition: Watercolor Illustrations presented in Full Color

This is the way this collection is meant to be experienced!

2-Black & White Edition: Watercolor Illustrations presented in Greyscale

3-Ebook for your Kindle, iPad, etc.

→ Just click on this link!!←

OH and you can also get my first book, Spectrum: Watercolored Words

just click here!


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Gigi Appreciation Day- part 4

…..while I am shining a spotlight on the fabulous Gigi…I can’t forget to mention that she is a fabulous author!

Conversations with Death, both books 1 and 2, are fun, fast paced and engrossing.  Do yourself a favor and check them out 🙂

Conversations with Death: A Love Story, now available on Amazon Kindle.

book 1

Book Description

“Death stopped by far too often, as far as I was concerned. I needed a way to deal with my rage. I was furious. So, I decided to hunt down and, if possible, kill Death.

When I wrote the very first Conversation, I was ready for a fight. I never expected to write a second Conversation, let alone an entire book full of them. But something happened when I met and started talking to Death…things got funny, gifts were exchanged, cats, birds and fish became involved, and while all that was taking place, I learned what Life and Death were really all about.

We all have our own truth and this is mine. Conversations with Death is a funny, loving and romantic give and take between a Party Girl and Death itself.”


Conversations with Death: The Love Story Continues, also available on Amazon Kindle.



Book Description

“The relationship between Party Girl and Death continues. Her questions are never ending and breakthroughs simply lead to more questions. Living together means that Party Girl gets to meet some of Death’s coworkers, specifically the Death Angels, who keep things interesting. Death Cat and Pretty Boy move their relationship forward. And a spur of the moment decision on the part of Party Girl and Death, adds a new twist to their lives as they travel down the road between life and death.”




 Gigi’s Blog

Conversations with Death Books 1 and 2 on Amazon

So, go forth and support this wonderful writer!  

Buy the books.  

Read the books.

REVIEW the books!!!



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A trip to Haslam’s!

Brian and I went to Haslam’s today 🙂  It is one of my favorite places in St. Petersburg.


Haslam's Book Store 2025 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida 33713

Haslam’s Book Store
2025 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida 33713

The place is huge.  It is so cool to wander around and see the diverstiy…they have old, used books as well as all the current best sellers.  They have some rare first editions and signed copies…some of these are kept in locked cases but many are one the shelves next to $2 books.  You never know what you are going to stumble across.



You really cannot see the size and scope of the place through these pictures.  But I will tell you they actually have little maps of the place so you can find your way around!

Jack Kerouac is rumored to still haunt the store, moving his books to more prominent display locations as he did in life.


Oh and by the way, Jack Kerouac is rumored to still haunt the store.  He supposedly still moves his books to more prominent display locations as he did in life.  It is funny becaus everytime I go in I always spot new and different things…AND I always see a couple Kerouac!


Haslam’s was started in 1933 in the Depression by John and Mary Haslam, both avid readers, to provide other readers with used magazines and books at bargain prices.



Haslam’s celebrated 80 years this past December. Amazing, really when so many other book stores are closing…both indepedent and big box stores.


Today was fun AND I had to show remarkable restraint… oh I wish i was independently wealthy so i could take stacks of these home with me!!




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Book Spine Poetry

to find a Brave New World

free Of Human Bondage

Franny and Zooey

took The Very Slow Time Machine

Out of Africa,

East of Eden

leaving behind their Pride and Prejudice

they enjoyed One Hundred Years of Solitude


~Book Spine Found Poetry by Melanie Blackwell



book spine poetry1


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“My Kind Of Place . . . “

Hi All! Just had to share this fabulous poem from Rising Hawk
Sounds like my kind of place too 🙂


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An Alterable Void ~a friend’s debut

Hi All!

Another of my fabulously talented Featured Friends, is now published!

You may know her from Curious Flowers or mindlovemisery either way if you have read her you know you want this book…if you haven’t go check it out 🙂

Reblogging her announcement below:

My Book is Available!

by mindlovemisery

 Reblogged from Curious Flowers:

Click to visit the original postRight now it is only available at Lulu because we have to proof for Amazon and at the moment it is in just a paperback version  Sam and I completely forgot the E-Book probably he thought I didn’t want an E-Book version because he bases a lot on voice tone and sometimes my voice tone is inexpressive. Anyways I will remind him later.

My Book!!!!!


Oloriel Moonshadow designed the beautiful cover check out her blog =)

So, go forth and support this wonderful writer!  

Buy it.  

Read it.

Share it. 


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