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Gigi said we should have a mugfest ๐Ÿ™‚ …and i have *ahem* a few fun mugs….


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The Junky to her Addiction -reblog

A reblog of an earlier post ๐Ÿ™‚

The Junky to her Addiction.


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a coffee catastrophe

I needed coffee and wanted it hot

Grounds in the filter, water in the pot

Pressed the button to start the brewing

Fed the cats to stop their mewling

Bleary eyed and half asleep

I sat on the couch and waited for the beep

Finally, It was ready and so was I

I needed a cup on the fly

I didn’t notice the brown river on the floor

or on the counter and dripping off the cabinet door

i slipped and flat on my back I fell

knocked the wind out of me, bloody hell

to add insult to bruising injury

the cats are drinking the coffee instead of me!


~Melanie Blackwell


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Italian Sweet Cream

joins strong Colombian brew

Coffee Perfection

coffee ring


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People Watching

I sit quietly

observing the people around me

I inhale deeply

let the aroma of freshly ย brewed coffee fill my nostrils

Too impatient to let it cool

I take a big gulp

scorching my tongue

I delight in its bitter-sweet flavor

The people at the next table

have deluded themselves into thinking they are vampires

their pale makeup and black clothes do not look out of place here

To my left

there is a man,

who appears to be homeless,

escorting a mange-ridden dog to a table

his funky odor wafts my way:

body odor, stale cigarettes, and cheap alcohol

I watch as he begins reading the newspaper he snagged from the trash can on his way in

I take ย a deep drag from my cigarette

and once again ย ponder the ย huge leprechaun on the wall

~Melanie Blackwell


June 6, 2013 · 9:44 PM

The Junky to her Addiction

Your flesh on my tongue, I do love to taste

not one drop of your blood dare I to waste.

My life, by your mere presence enlightened

my thoughts, my senses at once are heightened.

In you I find comfort, and all that is right

you are there in the day and also at night.

You are my salvation; you ease all my pain

in you I trust, in you my faith remains.

You are there for me in my darkest of hour

it is from you that I draw all of my power.

Some may doubt you, may miss you allure

but when my cup runs empty again I shall pour.

When I found you it was as if I had wakened from a dream

your dark, rich flavor mixed with a hint of cream.

~Melanie Blackwell

Coffee Worship Poster (4149)

* A little ode to Anne Bradstreet/ “The Author to Her Book”


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