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beach-hued rejection

I waded into the brisk blue water

despite of

or because of

my inability to swim

sun-swept memories

prove too sparse to rely on

for warmth

and I’ve been cold

too long

so I kept walking


until my toes no longer touched

the ocean floor

finding my body

if not my spirit


i continued

to inch further into

the deep

thoughts of drowning

entered my mind

yet did nothing

to deter my progress

I turned to see the shore

far behind me

the beach speckled

with what i assume

were once people

if I went under

no one could reach me

growing tired, I waited

for one last sunset

and as the sun met the ocean

I stopped all movement

willing my existence to pass

I closed my eyes

as i felt the water

closing in

over my head

waiting for the searing pain

that comes from breathing saline


suddenly I was floating

the ocean had spat me back out

it seems even Death didn’t want me

~Melanie Blackwell




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Sweet Interlude


Your words dripped from your lips

I drank them in like honey

and I was drowning,


I gazed into your soulful eyes

like pools of rich hot chocolate

and I was drowning,


The air is still thick with your goodbye

it is like breathing in molasses

and I’m drowning,


~Melanie Blackwell


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