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was it her fault

Did she ask for it?

was her skirt too short?

her top too tight?

too revealing?

did her eyes say yes, while she said no?

was it her fault because she had the nerve to be at that party?

or out alone?

or drinking?

Did she ask for it?

Did it make you feel like a big man?

to take what wasn’t yours?

to use fear and control and body parts as weapons?

Did she ask for it?

Did she want her life forever altered?

or was it You?


~Melane Blackwell







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you came at me with everything:


and claws

and hair,

all of it…

and I could not help but surrender.

its all your fault

and that is a lie

because it is not.

the fault,

of course,

is mine.

~Melanie Blackwell


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