he is the man

She was warm

and nurturing

somehow than turned

into control

and while she used to build him up

all she does now

is tear him down

like his destruction

is her goal

she used to complain

he didn’t make enough

that if he was a “real man”

he would do better to provide

so he took on overtime

and a part time job as well

and now she complains

that he is never home

accuses him of having someone else 

a woman on the side

she criticizes his every move

says he “can’t do anything right”

and as she slaps him in the face

she calls him weak

and useless

because he refuses

to fight

he trudges through each day

tired and beaten down

and wonders what has happened

to his life

he no longer recognizes himself

but he doesn’t feel

like he can leave

they have kids

and she is his wife

he no longer sees his family

has no friends to understand

so he suffers silently

no one would believe him


after all

he is the man



~Melanie Thomason

*October is National Domestic Abuse Awareness Month.  Just a reminder that women are not the only victims of domestic violence.  Men are abused as well and are often too ashamed to admit it or ask for help.




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11 responses to “he is the man

  1. Oh.. what a shame. Such a beautiful poem. An absolute pleasure to read.

  2. laurie27wsmith

    This is fantastic Melanie, you’ve brought balance into the debate on domestic violence.

  3. Wow- so powerful and beautiful. This is one of the best poems I’ve read in awhile, seriously love love love!

  4. Blimey… well said…

  5. AWE Wow Melanie! Wow! So So true and sad. Isn’t it sad when these things happen to stop our little person from being who we are meant to be! I love this so much!

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