was it her fault

Did she ask for it?

was her skirt too short?

her top too tight?

too revealing?

did her eyes say yes, while she said no?

was it her fault because she had the nerve to be at that party?

or out alone?

or drinking?

Did she ask for it?

Did it make you feel like a big man?

to take what wasn’t yours?

to use fear and control and body parts as weapons?

Did she ask for it?

Did she want her life forever altered?

or was it You?


~Melane Blackwell







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33 responses to “was it her fault

  1. Reblogged this on The Migraine Chronicles and commented:
    Nothing will change until society says this is NOT OK!

  2. Oh these words speak volumes. Thank you for writing these words. I pray eyes that really need to see them DO! xx Amy

  3. “OR WAS IT YOU!” Wow! Talk about a PERFECT ending. I’m reflagging this right now. Fabulous. Applause and standing ovation.

  4. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    From the the great poet…Melanie. A MEANINGFUL poem.

  5. Oh my this is powerful! Speechless!

  6. nokindofmagic

    Sometimes it’s best to be direct and the problem of sexual abuse is one of those that require punching back instead of hiding in shame. Excellent written slutwalk Melanie.

  7. It’s amazing how few people will admit the crimes they commit are all down to them – it’s always someone else’s fault. The reality is, even if someone does encourage another to engage in something against another person or an animal, it’s always their mind that chooses, their own decision in the end. There are very few people on this planet that don’t have a conscience, and even the ones who appear to be so insane they don’t have one, I wonder sometimes, if they have chosen to bury it?
    Very powerful Melanie, a good message to keep in mind – it is always ‘us’ who make the choices.

  8. Serious poem, with a good intent. To make us realize and think, no one deserves to have such bad things happen! It is never what one asks for! I appreciate this poem and I especially liked how you used the word, “altered” in that is how actions affect us, it changes our lives, our perspective and sometimes, the victim’s confidence and security never does fully return. Powerful message, thanks! Robin

  9. Great poem, in his country (South Africa) rape and other forms of violence against women is very bad, so need more poems like this I will re blog onto my blog, and put it onto my Facebook page, so as many as possible can read it. Best wishes and blessings Charles.

  10. Initiator ;-)

    Hi dear,
    No doubt you words have deep thoughts and make me wordless after reading… 😦

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