Tranquiliser by nokindofmagic

I had to reblog this poem. If you haven’t visited nokindofmagic from my Featured Friends please do so now. I think you will disagree with him about his name…


by nokindofmagic

Just name the price, you devil.   Sweet and clear I put out the fire I’ve sworn to protect from wind from sanity from the ordinary And it made me realise a single tear suits me more than boiling blood giving ghost between hungry fingers or passing warmth for the sake of unsheltered morning Kiss […]

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6 responses to “Tranquiliser by nokindofmagic

  1. wow – this was quite a powerful piece. i really liked it. thank you for re-blogging.

  2. Whoa. I have been to that place in my own life but wish that those words had been with me then.

  3. That was a wonderful poem. Thank you for the introduction. However, I would like more of your words please. More Poems, please. Thank you.

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